The bungalows

Village Océlandes consists of 184 bungalows, which border 4 with each other. All houses all have the same surface, but the layout may differ. Basically they are set up for 4 people, often with a sofa bed for an extra 2 people. Most homes have two bedrooms, but there are also variants with a loft. There are some houses with even 3 bedrooms and 6 full beds.


Village Océlandes is characterized by the peace and privacy that you will find there, in combination with what the park has to offer. All houses have a garden, where you are completely in your own environment because of the high hedges. Relax on your comfortable garden chair, with a glass of rosé for example!


You have free WIFI and a dishwasher, washing machine, coffee machine and kettle are also at your disposal. The houses are all private property. They are equipped with every luxury and are decorated to the taste of the owner.


The location varies per house, and you have personal preference. Book now directly, but please contact us first for personal advice.